A healthier community for a better tomorrow


The years of volunteering and working with like-minded individuals in various Charitable Organisations and NGOs became the inspiration for the formation of Compassionate Care, a brainchild of its founders, Daena Chan and Jayse Ong, both of whom endeavour to do more for the under-privileged individuals suffering from various illnesses and health conditions.

Founded in July 2017, Compassionate Care is a non-governmental and charitable organization that promotes the health and well-being of individuals with limited financial resources through innovative green solutions.

Compassionate Care Berhad, through the support of its core partner, IRCare Sdn Bhd, brings the benefits of Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy (a natural, non-invasive and safe alternative therapy), to those who are in need of a solution to their pain and health problems but are unable to afford payment for these services.

The Compassionate Care aims to be the first not-for-profit organization in Malaysia that provides Molecular Hydrogen Treatment/Therapy for the under-privileged individuals suffering from chronic pain and various diseases such as (Kidney failure, Liver Failure, Diabetes, Side effects of Radiotherapy) as well as those suffering from Skin Diseases and Wounds, thus enabling under-privileged individuals to regain a healthy and active life.

A healthier community for a better tomorrow.

Our Past Campaign

The aim of the ‘Love.Hope.Health’ Campaign is to reach out and help the under-privileged individuals suffering from these conditions to recover and to lead a healthier life, through Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.