A Healthier Community for a Better Tomorrow


Volunteering and working with various charitable organisations and NGO inspired the formation of Compassionate Care by its founders, Daena Chan and Jayse Ong, both of whom wanted to do more for underprivileged individuals suffering from various health conditions.

Founded in July 2017, the Compassionate Care Foundation is a non-governmental and charitable organisation that promotes the health and wellbeing of the financially challenged through innovative and natural health solutions.

Through the support of its core partner IRCare Sdn Bhd (Hi-Bliss), The Compassionate Care Foundation is the first non-profit organisation in Malaysia that offers Molecular Hydrogen Therapy to underprivileged individuals.

Hydrogen Therapy is a natural, non-invasive, and safe therapy that complements conventional treatments, allowing for a holistic approach to healing. The treatments can help those suffering from various conditions such as:

·         Kidney Failure

·         Liver Failure

·         Chronic Pain

·         Diabetes

·         Side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

·         Skin Diseases (Eczema, Shingles, etc.)

·         Wounds

Through Hydrogen Therapy, Compassionate Care enables those in need to reclaim their lives so they may live healthy and active lives.

We seek to build a healthier community for a better tomorrow.

Our Past Campaign

The aim of the ‘Love.Hope.Health’ Campaign is to reach out and help the under-privileged individuals suffering from these conditions to recover and to lead a healthier life, through Hi-Bliss Hydrogen Therapy.

Our Beneficiaries